Taking flight: Learning at the Logan school

This film explores the dynamic interaction among students, teachers, parents and administrators at The Logan School for Creative Learning, a private school for gifted learners K-8. The documentary is part of the Logan Legacy Project and will be made available locally and internationally as a tool for examining deeper insights into learning as demonstrated by a school that dares to be different. 

Taking Flight   received a  2016   IndieFest's Award of Recognition  in the Education/Training/Instruction Category.

Taking Flight received a 2016 IndieFest's Award of Recognition in the Education/Training/Instruction Category.

Colorado Film Award/Platinum

Colorado Film Award/Platinum

In the Child's Garden: The Educational Legacy of Frances & David Hawkins

In an era of static educational standards and testing, this documentary examines the time-tested wisdom of Boulder, Colorado educators David and Frances Hawkins. The Hawkins are revered for their understanding of learning. They focused on the learner's curiosity and helped connect it to the world through use of meaningful materials and substantive conversation. Historical photos taken by longtime Boulder educator Elizabeth Kellogg, combined with lively footage of learning activities, video archives, and the insights of top educators help to keep the Hawkins' legacy alive.  

Many thanks to Donors who supported the post-production phase via Kickstarter!

"In the Child's Garden" premiered at the Atlas Center, University of Colorado at Boulder on March 22, 2013.

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Termespheres: Total Worlds

This documentary explores scientific visualization, higher-dimensional geometries, and virtual environments delightfully exploited through the groundbreaking art of Dick Termes. Dick captures the total visual space around us using  six-point perspective and optical illusion on spheres called Termespheres. Dick's work is particularly thought-provoking from an interdisciplinary perspective. He has engaged disciplines to become more aware of art, visual space, mathematics, and design.

"Termespheres: Total Worlds" was selected for screening at the Breckenridge Film Festival and received the da Vinci Spirit Award, awarded to one film out all entries at the da Vinci Film Festival in 2003. It was also selected as one of da Vinci's "Best of the Best" in their 2005 Film Fest. 

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